Displaying Kids Artwork

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Kids Artwork Display Ideas

Whether you are a parent, sibling or family friend, you have probably received artwork from a child or have seen them on a refrigerator or tacked up in a cubicle.  There are endless amounts of these little masterpieces that collect over the years, leaving parents with the challenge of how and where to display them.  Displaying art doesn’t have to be complicated, but rather just as creative and lighthearted as the artwork itself.  I have put together 10 stylish display ideas can solve the artwork overload, while showing your child that their works of art are equally as worthy as the rest.

Sleek Cable System for Kids Artwork
Sleek Cable System for Kids Artwork

Choose an empty wall in your home or child’s bedroom to install this versatile clip and cable system by Ikea.   This allows kids to hang their own artwork and interchange new and old projects as they please.   Image Source: Ikea Cable System

Symmetrical Display of Framed Childrens Artwork

Allow your child to view their artwork in a predominant location in the home while adding color and warmth to your decor.  Image Source: It’s Great to Be Home via Flickr

Creating WALLTAT Decals from Kids Artwork
Creating WALLTAT Wall Decals from Children’s Artwork

Parents can scan their child’s artwork and email it to info@walltat.com to be transformed into a WALLTAT Wall Decals.  They can have them sized as needed and installation is a DIY snap.  Decals are removable and do not cause any damage to the paint surface when peeled off. WALLTAT can also print artwork onto an eco-friendly canvas for parents to stretch over a wooden frame.  Image Source: www.WALLTAT.com

Digital Organization of Kids Artwork

Collect your child’s favorite 112 pieces and start scanning!  You can manipulate and consistently re-size the images to about the size of a business card to create this 60 x 40 pop art piece.  A project that will leave you both proud of your child, and yourself.  Image Source: Jan Eleni

Asymmetrical Kids Artwork Display

Use fun and eclectic frames in a collage format to highlight each unique creation.  Image Source: Wondertime.go.com

Recreate Kids Artwork Into Ceiling Mobiles

First propose the idea to your child to use older artwork in order to create a homemade mobile.  It can be as easy as cutting shapes from the artwork, or as complicated as crafting origami objects.  This is another great way to teach your kids to recycle their art into new and interesting art pieces.  Image Source: Etsy

Blend Family Photos with Children's Artwork

Blend snap shots of your family into a collage with their greatest works of art.  Image Source: It’s Great to Be Home via Flickr

Frames with Hinges and Storage

This functional cabinet displays one, but stores up to fifty masterpieces! Available at Dynamic Frames, the swing open door allows the ease of swapping out old for new.  Choose from many frame sizes, wood finishes and mat options.

Harmless Wall Graffiti on Craft Paper
Harmless Wall Graffiti on Craft Paper

Last but not least, this method of displaying art is probably not for everyone, but it’s certain to make the neighborhood kids jealous. Purchase a roll of 36″ or 48″ wide craft paper available at Discount School Supply and designate one or more walls as a giant canvas.  Once it is filled up with drawings, you can simply cover over with a fresh layer of paper, offered in a variety of colors.  Paper rolls are sold in 50ft – 100ft lengths from $15-$20.  Not a bad price for being the coolest parents on earth.  Image Source: Jan Eleni

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