Lighting The Way To Great Design

modern ceiling

From the first light of our existence, we have tried to perfect this essential element of illumination for our survival and convenience. Flint and kindling produced  fire, a lantern  was a welcome improvement over the open flame candle and Thomas Edison brought us forward with the flip of a switch. What a long way we have come to harness light and to apply design, form and function to it. When basic lighting fixtures finally met well designed options, the possibilities became limitless to make our spaces a reflection of our creative imaginations.

A beautiful and dramatic way to improve on the design and drama in a room is to group multiple fixtures in an array of layouts that can provide a flood of light in sculptural, whimsical or functional  patterns.  Using the proper type of lightbulb and adding a rheostat dimmer switch not only creates a variety of moods to these groupings of light but also maintains the “green” approach.

High ceilings and large spaces profit beautifully from these illuminated groupings yet smaller task oriented spaces can be design savvy and well illuminated.

Lighting Solutions
Bar/Restaurant Tiered Lighting Cluster

Textured walls of brick contrast these smooth jellyfish-like orbs that appear to float at varied heights just above a lounge area.  Another grouping of futuristic pendents hang over the bar in a symmetric row, making it easy to define these separate areas  from any vocal point within the bar.

Residential Lighting Solutions
Living Room with Multiple Ceiling Fixtures

Living Room with nine of the same ceiling fixtures wired together into a central junction box location within the ceiling medallion.  This solution would only require a couple hours of an electricians time and some planning in placement of fixture height  and their distance from one another.

Grouping chandeliers
Random Placement of Crystal Globe Pendants

Placement of multiple pendant fixtures in a random yet flowing layout will concentrate light over the main seating area.  This subtle S-curve layout over this conference and/or dining table carries the dramatic light throughout this long, narrow rectangular room.

modern wall lighting
Positioning sconce lighting as art

Most would only consider using a single wall sconces as task lighting over a nightstand or a desk.  By wiring up multiples around an accent wall and positioning them to scatter light in all directions now offers an artistic approach to an otherwise empty wall.

Asian lighting and lanterns
Paper lanterns used in a restaurant walkway

Paper lanterns illuminate the walkway of this Las Vegas restaurant which lead the way through a maze-like dining area.  The addition of  multiple scaled up  light fixtures fill in ceilings such towering heights and will create a more intimate experience.

Balancing light fixtures in a room
Two chandeliers to light wider spaces

Spread light more evenly around a room by installing more than one of the same chandelier.  Not only will this help with illuminating a space properly, but it also balances the width or length of a longer area.  Doubling up on the chandelier makes a statement over this large seating area and anchors the room.